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What to Expect
The first step would be to hold a confidential, no-cost consultation. We are willing to meet with qualified prospects for our Private Client Group. You are a qualified prospect if you:
  1. Have the desire and ability to delegate your investment management and wealth planning needs.
  2. Have reasonable expectations of the financial market’s ability to meet your goals.
  3. Have a minimum portfolio value of $500,000.

A preliminary phone conversation would be helpful to discuss an agenda for the consultation. You would then receive a brief, 3-page preliminary financial profile. Once the completed profile is received back at our office we will be prepared to consult with you more specifically for your situation, rather than in generalizations.

The initial consultation is an informational meeting. You would meet with one of our firm's advisors. It is not appropriate for you or us to make any “on the spot” decisions. You will want to gather information about us to evaluate if we can help you. We will want to learn more about your financial concerns, goals, dreams, values, etc.


Following the initial consultation, both parties should spend some time considering if it is appropriate to proceed to the next step. The advisor(s) you met with will send you a letter summarizing the main points discussed during your consultation. If we strongly believe our wealth management services can help you minimize your financial concerns and accomplish your important goals and values, we will send you a proposal detailing how we may begin working together. At that point, we would like to get your assessment of the situation and discuss the possibility of proceeding to the next step.

When we first begin working together, we will collaborate and establish an appropriate asset allocation model (from aggressive, moderate, conservative, etc.) based on your personal situation. You will understand and agree with the general asset allocation model used to manage your portfolio.

We will also have prepared for you any account documents necessary for us to begin managing your investment portfolio. Although we will consider managing your assets at the current custodians holding them, we have a preferred custodian in Charles Schwab.  In most cases, it will be necessary to transfer your assets to Charles Schwab. We would prepare any necessary brokerage account and asset transfer documents for you.

As we begin the day-to-day management of your assets, we will evaluate your current holdings and begin to transition your portfolio into your asset allocation model. Your advisor will be in communication with you periodically.

We would like to hold a meeting with you at the 45-day mark into our relationship. At this meeting we will review the current market conditions, discuss appropriate investment strategies and review the initial investments we made on your behalf.  We will also review with you an example of the quarterly investment report you will receive at the end of each calendar quarter. The intention of this meeting is to ensure our relationship gets off on the right foot.

Following the 45-Day meeting, we would like to meet with you after 3 months, then semiannual meetings until you are comfortable with our relationship. Long-term clients typically meet with us in a regular semiannual or annual interval, which is held face-to-face or via phone/online meeting options. During the review meetings, you will meet with your advisor and possibly other members of our team. Your advisor will provide you an in-depth analysis of current capital market conditions, discuss our investment strategies and review your portfolio allocation in accordance with the prevailing conditions..

When a transaction is made in your account, the custodian holding your account will provide trade confirmations to you. When making important changes to your portfolio allocation, we will send you a Flash Report. The report will provide a rationale for the portfolio management decisions made and any resulting transactions in any of your accounts under our management. The transactions can be further discussed with your advisor on the phone or during your next review meeting. Of course, you also receive our insightful PAAS Weekly Updates, which summarizes our thoughts on market and economic conditions as well as status of our models used to manage your portfolio.

You will receive a periodic statement (typically monthly) from the custodian holding your assets. The statements will summarize the activity and holdings for each account you have with the custodian. You will receive a comprehensive quarterly report from our office. The quarterly report will include your current asset allocation, a list of positions held, performance for the period and other valuable information. We can also create these statements ‘on demand’, whenever you would like to see one.

In the end, you could expect that:

…you are making more informed and disciplined investments.

…your investments are more focused and based on current market conditions and your goals and values.  

…you have more clarity with your financial position.

…you have less stress over your investments and are receiving an enriching service. 

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